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Caricatures by Grant – Frequently Asked Caricaturist Questions (F.A.C.Q.)

Frequently Asked Questions – Caricatures by Grant

Are you professionally trained?

 Yes. I went to art school in Minneapolis at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). I received a bachelor of fine arts in Illustration in 1998. 

Why should I hire you?

 You should hire me to draw live at your event for my excellent likenesses, my professionalism, and for making your party a lasting memory. Unlike other artists I love to create conversations with the guests cracking jokes and enjoying the crowd while I am drawing. Also feel free to look at my resume and check out some of the testimonials and past clients.

You should hire me for commissioned work (Gift / Mail Order Caricatures or Professional Illustration): because I understand deadlines, I have very competitive prices, I do everything digitally (unless you request something inked or penciled) so you can reprint and copy things with ease, and I do rough sketches before the final/s so you can make whatever changes you might wish to the artwork. I can also do the art Realistic or Exaggerated, whatever your heart desires! 

How many caricatures can you do per hour?

 In black and white ink I can draw anywhere from 17-21 faces per hour. If there is an extensive theme involved than it’s more like 12-15 per hour. If you wanted me to draw in color, 6-12 per hour. I can do up to 4 people in one drawing. 

Where are you located?

 I am based in Orange County, CA, but I draw caricatures at events all over Southern California, including San Diego, Simi Valley, Riverside, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Oceanside, Escondido… basically from Simi Valley over to Indio down to the border! For larger events we have many talented caricature artists available.

Who is your biggest client so far?

 I’d have to say Jenny McCarthy. I illustrated for her books Baby Laughs and Life Laughs, both of which are best sellers and published worldwide. I have also done other illustrations for her production company and she is super cool to work for. She gave me all the freedom in the world with my illustrations for her books which I totally appreciate.

I have also worked closely with one of George Lopez’s writers Dave Caplan, as well as working for FHM Magazine, having my work featured on Fox News, creating a permanent illustration on the set of Twentieth Century Fox’s “Yes, Dear” on CBS, and appearing on BBC Television. 

Who are your favorite illustrators?

 First off I have to say Tom Richmond who started me off drawing caricatures at the Mall of America in Minneapolis. He basically opened my eyes to the art of caricature, which before that I normally worked more realistic (although I did love to draw cartoons my teachers growing up). Tom also runs many caricature concessions including Valleyfair (where I also worked) and is known for being a regular in MAD Magazine. Working out there I met other great artists’ such as Chris Rommel, Greg Halbert, Jason Anhorn and Robb Miller. After learning more about the art of caricature I grew fond of the work of Mort Drucker, Jack Davis, David Berg, Al Hirschfeld, John Kascht, Sebastian Kruger, Steve Silver, Paul Gaunt, Tom Garrett and many others! 

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